Como docente de canto Pía Sicardi dicta clases particulares y talleres grupales

donde aborda el canto desde la técnica, la improvisación y el ensamble vocal.

Forma parte del staff de Instructores en Canto Funcional de la PECaF (Primera Escuela de Canto Funcional).

Es docente de canto en el Colegio de la Ciudad y dicta talleres de ensamble vocal en el Centro Cultural Rojas-UBA.

También realiza talleres de canto grupal en la Biblioteca Popular y Centro Cultural Victoria Ocampo

(Ranelagh, prov de BsAs) y en otros espacios privados.

Con La Colmena ha dictado talleres de ensamble y creación vocal colectiva,

en México (CDMX), La Plata, Santiago del Estero, Córdoba, Chubut, Rosario y Córdoba.


Pía Sicardi is an Instructor in Functional Singing (based on the Rabine-Method)

and imparts private lessons and group workshops focused on the technique,

improvisation and vocal ensemble.

She is part of the staff of Instructors in Functional Singing at the PECaF

(First School of Functional Singing - Buenos Aires).

Pía teaches singing at the Colegio de la Ciudad and runs vocal ensemble workshops at the

Centro Cultural Rojas-UBA, among others.

Together with La Colmena, she has run ensemble workshops on collective vocal creation in Mexico (CDMX),

La Plata, Santiago del Estero, Córdoba, Chubut, Rosario and Córdoba (Argentina).


The “Rabine Method” is developed by singer, conductor and vocal teacher Eugene Rabine (1940-2018).

It combines two theories: a theory about the functional system (how the instrument works)

and a theory about the sensomotorial system (how one person learns a sensomotorial activity). 

From this organization of knowledge parts a specific Pedagogy and a specific Didactic.

The goal is not a specific aesthetics or sound, the main goal is the physical health of the instrument. 

“The acoustical result of a healthy sound is a beautiful sound. 

And we will agree in any culture that it’s beautiful because it’s an instinct aesthetic” (*)

(*) from the film “A journey into the universe of voice”


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